Embedding Running Into Daily Life

One of the things I’m keen on doing is making running, or even walking, a more embedded part of our lifestyle.

Earlier this year we got a new car, 5 kids now basically means we need a van.  The problem is we kept hold of our old car too.  The plan was to sell it straight away, but we didn’t get around to it and quickly got to liken the 2 car experience.  It made life easier is some aspects, but it has also made us that bit lazier.

Also, really, we just don’t need 2 cars.  Lots of stuff we do is local, and whilst it really is useful sometimes, I think we can make do without.  So hopefully we can sell that soon.  Get some money back as our new ‘bus’ cost us a small fortune.  We would also save money on insurance and what not.

But really it comes back to something more important to us – using cars less and just going by foot.  In my case I like to run. Mostly my runs have been focused on ‘getting my exercise in’, but I feel I should really just embed my running into daily activities.

The biggest culprit for me is our frequent trips to nursery, at the moment 4 days a week during term time.  I’ve kept putting off doing the running, but I feel we just need to make it the rule (unless the weather is truly depressing).  It’s a 5ish minute drive. Or a 12 minute run.  Plus my girl loves it and gets a lovely bit of fresh air.  The problem isn’t really the time, it’s more the habit of getting ready early enough so I don’t feel the need to rush (and use the car).

It’s a two mile round trip.  If I do that twice a day it would be 4 miles, longer than my average 5k run.  And if I do that 4 times a week, that would be 16 miles, that’s loads more than I run at the moment (currently anywhere from 5-10 miles, but closer to 5 miles atm 🙁 ), yet when broken down it really feels achievable.

On top of that, I’ve started using Barefoot running shoes, so am not overly keen on doing long runs until I feel well adapted to them.

So that’s my new focus for running at the moment.  I know that I’ll struggle to get all the runs in, but am going to give it a shot to see how I can make a habit of it.


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In It For The Long Game

I’ve mostly been living life with the view of the long game.  I don’t always get it right, and there are always things I need to work on.  But my mindset is there.

I just wish other businesses, government and education establishments would take the same view.  Everything is about ‘now’ and I believe that just creates so much harm in the world.

This what others may call a compounding effect. The snowball effect…etc.

The first step to the long game is the hardest. The first step is visibly negative. You have to be willing to suffer today in order to not suffer tomorrow. This is why the long game is hard to play. People rarely see the small steps when they’re looking for enormous outcomes, but deserving enormous outcomes is mostly the result of a series of small steps that culminate into something visible.

Source: Farnham Street: https://fs.blog/2018/10/long-game/

Tracking after uninstalling apps

I have a problem that I want to learn so much about things and never have the time.  I’m intrigued by ethics atm and in my daily reading activities I keep coming across things that break what I feel is crossing the ethics line.

Uninstall tracking may violate Apple and Google policies against ad-focused use of their mobile developer tools, but so far the companies haven’t taken action.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-22/now-apps-can-track-you-even-after-you-uninstall-them

A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal

I’m feeling increasingly uncomfortable about privacy and ethics of tech companies (and people!).  Mostly posting this here as a reminder for myself to revisit shortly.

It’s hard to retain much privacy in the information age — the internet has a nearly perfect limitless memory and we’re placing a ton of sensitive data onto it. After being swatted in 2017, I set out on a mission to start my life over with a renewed focus on privacy. While I was motivated by changes in the Bitcoin ecosystem (an increased rate of physical attacks), this guide is meant to be comprehensive for people living in the USA and generally helpful for other citizens of the world. The journey has been long and arduous because there simply aren’t many resources out there for how to achieve what I wanted.

Source: https://medium.com/s/story/a-modest-privacy-protection-proposal-5b47631d7f4c

Designing personal life around work

The idea that business is about making money or profit now feels stupid to me.

As time has passed, I realise that of course we need to make money, but what I want more of is the ability to change people’s lives. I care little about making lots of money, I’m more interested in a fair and sustainable living, for me and the people that work with us.

It’s about living a life full of goodness and then trying to spread that to those that work with us.

Yes, there is much work to be done, but we also have lives to live. We each need the opportunity to look at our individual lives, feel empowered and decide what is important and right for us.  Something inside me says that this is crucial for personal and mental well being.

I’ve designed my work life around my personal life. This is a big shift to how society operates (where personal life is designed around work life). And if there is one thing that feels right to me – and has changed my life – this is it.

This Week Has Been About Tiredness

Often, I feel like I shouldn’t write about these things, because…first world problems.

But sometimes life just catches you.

This week I got tired.  Mostly life is pretty non-stop and I get frustrated that I just can’t seem to find the time for myself.  Not running as much for the past 3 weeks hasn’t helped.  And I could feel my mood trend downwards.

The tiredness also has a lot to do with Piper just not sleeping through the night and constantly disturbing me.  I often wake up a with cramped sore neck, stiff body from being forced into a breastfeeding position for hours on end and often she randomly whacks me (or shoves her finger up my nose).  Yes, the joys of parenting.  All minor first world problems tbh.

Yesterday I ‘slept in’ until 9:30, had an afternoon nap and then went for a longer than normal run (5.5 miles).  Not that I need to ask my husband permission for this kind of stuff, but he kindly and supportively told me to sleep and run. 🙂

And it helped me get back to my normal self. Yay.

Humane Design

It’s great to see a trend of humane design happening.  This is very much aligned with ethics too.  An area that I would like to study more, and one that I believe we apply at MoT.

We now live in a world of technology pervasively vying for our attention. This is causing increased levels of anxiety, lowered productivity and in some cases, causing real, unhealthy addictions to digital constructs like apps and games. While I don’t suffer from any of the above extremisms, as a single guy in his late 20’s with a full time job, a side business and a social life, the stresses of society certainly seem unbearable at times–the little things like notifications and outfit decisions add up. So with the rise of awareness about technology’s impact on our wellbeing, I dug a little deeper into the issue and stumbled upon the “Time Well Spent” movement.

Source: https://uxdesign.cc/what-is-humane-product-design-really-546fff0b026

Powerhouses controlling all the links

An interesting read from Rand Fishkin:

In the last five years, there has not been a single major website or dominant web property that has embraced, rewarded, or significantly grown their outlinking. We’ve reached an era of a less-connected web, a web focused on retaining users rather than sharing content. The blogosphere still holds on, clinging to its noble practices of sharing what’s share-worthy. And a few sites like Hacker NewsTechmemeMemeorandum, and SparkToro Trending, still prioritize and benefit from aggregation and sharing. But with the rise of voice answers and branded devices (Google Home, Alexa, etc), the future of referral traffic looks grim.

Marketers love links, all too much.  The trend of not rewarding links is not surprising, and one that I have personally noticed a downwards trend. It is getting harder and harder to get people to click on stuff.

Part of me thinks this is a good thing, perhaps, if it becomes so hard to get any results from inbound links then all the spammy marketeers will stop trying spamming us and perhaps make an attempt at being human. Maybe.

Daytime Sleeping Efficiency for Piper

Piper is almost one and we’ve been figuring out routines, for her, for us as a family and then also figuring out how to fit work in between.

We’ve discovered she sleeps really well during the day if we get her to have a nap as close to midday as possible.  Previously she was having 2 naps of around 1 hour each.  This is a bit of a time sink for us to manage. She also falls asleep really easily in the car, which isn’t such a problem, but it means I don’t personally get a break.

Piper’s sleep time is my time (to usually squeeze some work in), so if she sleeps in the car, I don’t really get that break.  But if she sleeps at home around midday, she’ll have a really good 1.5-2 hour sleep.  And I will be happy and recharged.

We’ve also discovered that when I don’t put her to sleep she falls asleep super fast and easily.  I’m still breastfeeding and she loves the comfort of my breast too much and often just doesn’t let go.

So now, as much as possible I get my husband to put her to sleep.  If he isn’t around then I’ll ask one of my teens to do it.  They are all happy to oblige and can normally get her to sleep in 5 minutes max 🙂

To get to stop her sleeping in the car I’ve put her car seat in the front to keep her awake myself.  I also keep a bunch of things at hand to keep her entertained.  Our car journeys aren’t usually more than 20 minutes. It’s been working so far, though she is completely and amusingly sleep by the end.

This is how we manage all the things atm.  Forever looking for opportunities to magic up time to do all the things.

Redefining what publishing ‘stuff’ means to me

Of course, tech changes constantly, there is no denying that.

A while back Amy Hoy wrote about how blogs broke the web.

Intercom have written about how they’ve killed their blog (in favour of structured content), but ironically are keeping the ‘blog’ URL.

So many ‘blogs’ are started, then die just as quickly.  The pressure to keep writing is too much for most. And really organising things based on chronological order is stupid for most things.

Then there is social media, constantly posting updates.  The constant need to create that engagement and following. It can be tiring as they encourage you to scroll and participate.  But as ethics and security concerns grow, more and more people are starting to question things.

I’ve personally decided to not focus on any kind of personal blogging.  I will still write at times, and publish it on my website, I just won’t call it blogging.  Slowly, and over time, this website is becoming my playground of information, notes and timeline.  Some in chronological order, others as organised pages.  What I do with all my chronological/older posts here remains to be seen, I still have lots to figure out!

I figure, if people want to find me and what is happening in my life, then rosiesherry.com is where that will be at.  Not the latest social network.

And just to be clear, I’m not leaving or deleting Facebook or Twitter or any of those things.  They have just become less of a focus for me over time.