Removing Myself As The Single Point of Failure

I realised, a couple of years ago, as my little company grew a certain amount of structure, process and communication was important for it to survive.

Not too much. Not too little.  But just the right amount.

About 18 months ago I wrote an email to Derek, just saying hi and talking about my current status.  It was so great to have him respond.  He pointed me to the E-Myth Revisited book, which I read and loved (and I feel really should re-read it again).

As a result, what happened was a new sense of focus to free me up from the day to day of the business. I knew I could and should not have the responsibility for doing the day to day tasks of the business.  My mind was overloaded. There was too much going on. And I was increasingly doing a bad job of them all, whilst not enjoying it and feeling all the stress.

It’s not that I hadn’t been trying to get things off my plate, I had tried, but had depressingly failed on a number of occasions.  But at least then I felt a bit refreshed and had purpose in trying to make it work again.  I am really glad I tried again.

What is the right amount of ‘process’ is dependent on so many things.  Of course I like to see how others do things, but really we’ve been in search of what works for us as a team.  It’s not about documenting everything, but more focusing on having the company work without a single point of failure (me).

As a result of this, the kind of things we have been doing are:

  • Trello board with processes: set up a Trello board with a list of processes of how we do certain tasks, it’s far from perfect, but it has increasingly been helpful as our team grows.  We have processes for our writers, our TestBashes, our marketing efforts, etc.
  • Team Feedback and Input: my personal goal is to enable the team we have to make the right and best decisions possible. I will guide, input and feedback wherever possible, but I cannot go in any longer and do the actual work. I think also a big part of this is that our team knows where to go for help and they are encourage to ask for help.  Not everything is written down, but answers can be found if they know where to go.
  • Guides: we’ve created a few guides to help people we work with.  The writers guide and our handbook is a typical example. These are usually driven by pain and repeat questions. Our pain with writers was not getting good enough articles in, our guide has helped us define that and recruit writers to the quality we are after.  It was no small task creating a guide, but definitely worth the investment.
  • Task delegation: my 5th child was a great enforced test to see if things would work day to day without me.  The answer is yes, it does and will.  I am happy! But there is still work for me to do, right now I feel my work is about delegation and ensuring others have and know what they need to do their job.  I’m still on my ‘UnMaternity’ leave, which I’m loving btw, and need to write about it soon 🙂
  • Communication: We use Slack day in and day out for communication within our MoT team. I think what sets us apart a bit is that the Slack we use for day to day communication within our MoT Team is also a Slack which is open for anyone in the community to join.  It’s easy to dismiss the value of this, but for me it’s great that we are in touch with so many people and we keep on top of so many valuable conversations.  We have many private channels set up for all the things we are working on and it is so easy to invite the relevant people in ‘as and when’.

As part of this whole process is me finding my new sense of belonging. Finding my new place to fit in.  I’m still working on that, I suspect it will take some time to get there.  But that’s ok, I’m in no rush.

I have goals. I have no goals.

The world is pretty obsessed these days with goals, targets, productivity and what not.

We create things to do and achieve, by specific times or restrictions.  And then stress out if we can’t achieve them.

I generally don’t do goals. Lacking goals does not mean I don’t have ambition or drive to do things.  Those that know me know that I certainly keep myself busy and proactive on ‘all the things’.

I like what Leo from Zenhabits says on having no goals.  And I think it mostly matches up to how I live.  He talks about just doing stuff, which is kind of what I do, but I also like tracking things and having loose ideas of where I want to head to.  The tracking of things is not to help me get somewhere, it’s more to help me see where I’ve come from and see the change or progress I’ve made.

I’m also very highly committed to my business and I have some specific yet loose things that I’d like to see happen there.  I check in there and do stuff, whether I want to or not. I can’t (yet) just follow my natural energy in doing stuff when I have certain and fairly big existing commitments.

I love logging stuff that has meaning to me.

I love tracking my running on Strava and with photos.  I use the information as something to refer back to to see how much I have improved.  It is all too easy to forget where I was and where I am now.

I take and publish photos of my family moments to help me remember and see how far I’ve come as a parent.  Also, just to watch my kids grow up.  They change so damn fast.  I never once regret taking family photos.

I tweet and sometimes blog about things.  I wish I blogged more, but hey. Looking back helps me see, who I was…and cringe! And see how far I’ve come.

I’m always working at improving things and myself, but I don’t write my goals down.  Mostly they exist in the now and they change as I see fit.  “In the now” usually means between now and the next 12 months.

So at the moment, I have a mental goal to run faster (a 30 minute 5k would be amazing for me), lose weight, become physically stronger, spend more time on personal unschooling projects, become better at food making for the family, make myself redundant from day to day MoT, become more financially stable, be mortgage free, blog more (hello!) and learn to switch off more.

I’m working towards all these things, and probably more that don’t spring to mind right now.  They all lead to the ultimate goal of leading a better life, but what that actually looks like is not defined.  There is no deadline date that I’ve set.  And obviously some things will take longer than others.

I think the best way to look at it for me is that the logging I do of my life that I do gives me instant satisfaction and pleasure.  And because of that I feel there is a higher chance of me repeating it.  So, for example, I run then take a post run selfie – it makes me feel good and I am proud of that single run, now matter how well I’ve run.  I therefore end up repeating the process.  The repeating of things is generally what ends up helping us get towards our goals.

What I’ve definitely found, over the years, is that it is all too easy to forget how far we have come as individuals or as families.  For me, I look back at the many photos I have published on the likes of Flickr and Instagram to remind myself of where we were before.

Things like Instagram and Strava are great and easy recording tools.  Blogging is harder. When I’m feeling down, or not so sure if I’m doing good, then I look at the data to remind myself that all is ok and I’m actually doing pretty ok.  Not because I’ve set goals, but because I can see I’ve grown as a person.


Creating A Life Friendly Business

All has been quiet here on Rosie Land as I try to get my life in some kind of order. Who am I kidding, right? 5 kids, what chance have I got? Yeah, it’ll probably never happen as I always seem to be chasing my tail, but nothing like giving birth to a child to re-motivate and energise me to do all the things that I never manage to get around to doing.

I recently announced Richard taking over as BossBoss at Ministry of Testing. It 100% feels like the right decision and I’m confident he will do us proud. It’s not easy handing the reigns over, MoT is my baby and I’m putting it in the hands of someone else. Sniff, sniff. But honestly, the wise business people say to hire better people than yourself, and Richard is that better person for the role.

Also like @constancehermit says. I’m the original badass. So all is ok. 😄

The reality is that Richard and I have had a while to get to know and importantly work with each other. It’s been almost 2 years since he came to me asking for permission to host a TestBash Manchester. Since then he’s always impressed me with everything he does and how fast and effective he does things.

On top of that we have a similar way of thinking of how we should do things. We’re both driven to genuinely improve the software testing world, yet we refuse to compromise on our ethics, always putting the craft and community ahead of financial choices. This is easier said than done in the world of business.

Along this journey, I’ve known for quite a while that I’ve not wanted to be leading a growing company. And thankfully in my journey I’ve found someone who would be so much better at the role than I am. I honestly don’t see it as talking myself down. I see it as a growing understanding of who I am and where I want to be.

I started this whole thing from scratch, learning how to do all the things mostly myself. Over the years things piled up on me and I had ended up doing many things that I just didn’t want to do. This is really not a great place to be in for a long period of time. I knew I needed help from others and I was trying to offload things, but all too often failing at the task. It turns out it ain’t so easy to find the right people at the right time within the right budget to help out with things in the right kind of way.

And even when you do find the right people it takes time to offload ‘all the things’. Or sometimes it’s not offloading, it’s getting around to all the things that should’ve been done ages ago. Like giving our SEO some proper attention and love.

The reality is I adore the community that I started. Not having it as part of my life would be like losing a part of me. I check into it daily, I can’t help myself. The ‘love’ that I see and receive is only super seeded by my closest friends and family.

The fact that I’m talking about a ‘business’ with these words may feel strange to some. Go to business school and they’ll teach you that the purpose of business is to make money! Well, I’m living proof that that idea is wrong. The world is changing and at the heart of it are people like me wanting to make a difference through business. We understand that money and profit is essential to staying around, but that is not what drives us.

I feel lucky to be in a position to offload all the things that I don’t want to do and be able to look at myself and my business and (re)define my role to match the things that excite me. And I can honestly say that I don’t know exactly what my role will be. As MoT grows things are getting more complex to manage. The way we do things needs to change whilst keeping to our values/missions/goals. We’re going from a 50 piece puzzle to one with a 1000 pieces.

The same things excite me now that did 10 years ago when I started this thing: community, the social web, marketing, a different business world, unschooling and ‘work-life’ balance, and of course, software testing. 😄 And to be honest, at the core of all of this, and perhaps the most exciting part for me, is creating a life friendly business.

I know that most companies wouldn’t hire me because I put my unschooling and family decisions ahead of work. The reality is my work needs to fit around me and my family. There is just no other way, for me. If I had a normal job I would not be able to unschool or have the 5 kids that I do have. And that would just break my heart and send me to a miserable place. Everyone has different desires and needs, I don’t see why we can’t accommodate them.

I want to prove that people can live the lives they want whilst fitting work around it. Rather than having to create a very specific formula for our lives just to please work. I want to do this for myself and for the people that work with us. I don’t really know what it will look like, but I’m determined to give it a shot. I hope BossBoss approve 😉

My Year In Review

A year in review is a perfect excuse to write here.  It has been far too long!

The thing I’m most proud of is that I ran 335 miles in 2016.  My first pair of running shoes have been run to the ground. I feel like I can call myself a runner now.  My five year old also joins me in running sometimes.

Each run helped me keep my shit together.  Very few people will actually realise how important it is to me at the moment.

I lost no weight, but that also means I didn’t gain any.  That’s probably a win too.

My business grew, probably about doubled in revenue. Which is great from so many aspects.  I also found and find it stressful. No pain, no gain definitely seems to be the mantra.  I plan to write about this more, soon.

I got to travel to Philadelphia (twice), Dublin and Scotland.  I don’t think Manchester quite fits in there 🙂 I still just prefer to hang out at home.

As a family, we’ve continued on our quest to minimalism.  We’re getting there despite our big family, we will be minimalistic according to our own criteria.

We’ve continued to be conscious consumers.  We’re currently at about 80% shopping locally, supporting local independent people and businesses.  We’re learning all the time, so always figuring out better ways of doing things.

We continue to unschool. After 18 months we finally got some steady part time childcare for our girl.  Though our five year old is with us full time, in addition to our two eldest, life requires a lot of juggling.  I love being such an active part in my children’s growth.

We’ve continued to not celebrate Christmas or New Years.  We are still very happy with this.

I’ve done more focus on writing.  Partly for my Ministry of Testing work where I have been holding a whip to get stuff written to a better standard. But also doing some writing that I’ve personally wanted to get done.  I actually really enjoy writing and what to do much more of that.  I managed to get a decent amount of blog posts out this year on  Not quite where I want to be, but it’s progress, considering everything else.

I’ve started to find more time to read too.  This makes me feel good too.  It had increasingly depressed me as my book pile grew bigger and bigger.  I have plans to tackle this.

My husband is awesome for being that person who keeps me going and he has done amazing things to turn his and our life around.

I’ve literally taken life one day at a time for the past two years.  I plan to keep doing that.  Onwards!


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How To Survive As A Modern Day Working Mother

This blog post was written whilst my daughter had her afternoon nap. Typical!

I often get asked how I do what I do, cause god, it must be hard unschooling with 4 kids.  I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t get asked that so much, infact I wrote about how I do what I do last year.  (It’s a short blog post, worth reading, but if you don’t want to read it then it basically says I don’t do it all, my husband and I share our family, work and personal life equally. Easier said than done and it has taken us a while.)

The Eternal Struggle of Mothers

But the question still remains that people genuinely ask me how I do what I do.  Mostly these are other mothers trying to juggle their own working, career or businesses.

And they struggle.  As do I.

Sometimes people think that everything in my life is hunky dory. It isn’t.

I post happy pictures of good moments on my Instagram account because it helps me keep focused and positive.  There are plenty of crappy moments in between.

My days are chaotic.  And often I just want to pack things in. I feel the pressure of always trying to do so much. Yet, at the same time I feel lucky as my husband and I have truly worked to being equal in all the things we do.

I do think one of the biggest struggles us women have is that society tells us we are equal, but really we are mostly not.

They tell us we can have it all! But actually ‘having it all’ can be pretty shitty and stressful. And of course ‘having it all’ isn’t really having it all, because if both parents are at work then the kids are not at home with the parents.  How is that having it all? I’m really not sure anymore what ‘having it all’ means…and can’t be bothered trying to define what it is.

The truth is mothers feel this eternal guilt and inadequacy. They should be working. They should be learning something that they can apply in some career. They should be nurturing and looking after the kids. They should keep the house in order.  They should also be super fit and healthy. And we do try to do it all, but often it becomes too much.  The stress, oh the stress.

Yet, at the same time, we feel bad for shouting out for help, because we can have and do it all!  People tell us to be grateful for what we have, so we feel bad for complaining or ask for something different.

We can work full time and have a kid in full time nursery – society will tell us that all that is ok.  That life is hunky dory.  It’s still tough. Being away from your kids. Dealing with them and work when they are not well. The early morning and evening rush to drop/pick them up. The cries and screams that we are emotionally tortured with. Etc, etc.

But society tells us this is ok, this is an example of having it all. We should be happy. It’s all good. We shouldn’t complain.

And perhaps for some it is good.  But for many others it isn’t.  It wasn’t great for me emotionally.  I wondered why I was trying so hard and paying so much money on childcare just so I could work (and not really be much better off financially after childcare costs).

I struggled to see the point and over the years I’ve had a go at trying so many things to raise my kids whilst being a ‘modern working mother’.

7 Tips To Survive As A Modern Working Mother

I was chatting to someone about all of this recently.  A mother who was stressing about life and coping with all the responsibilities and I came up with the following 7 ideas to try to help her find a better balance.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for support from your employer, speak to other parents in your team/company, see if there is some kind of way to rally support.  We shouldn’t have to feel bad about asking for flexibility. We should be able to feel confident about suggesting solutions to ease the pressure – e.g. working from home at times (doesn’t need to be all the time).  The more of us that openly ask for support then the more it becomes the norm.  It would be nice to see fathers make the same requests.
  2. Think of how you can combine things with kids – I often do exercises when I take my kids to the park, for example.  Or if I’m in the mood for being lazy then I’ll listen to a podcast.  I personally can’t bear not being efficient!  It means I have more time to myself at other times.  Kids love helping out, find ways to do stuff together or combine activities. Kids should learn to understand that life is not just about them, it’s good for them if their parents can do things that make them feel better.
  3. Let things slack – Does it matter if some things in your life don’t happen?  Does it matter to you or someone else?  Are you doing things to keep other people happy and not yourself? How important is that thing? What if you decided not to do that thing?
  4. Ask your family for help – your partner first, then others. People are not mind readers. And mothers shouldn’t feel guilty for asking for help.  I know it makes such a difference to us when anyone can take our kids out of the house for a couple of hours, often it feels like heaven.  Is there someone who can do that for you?  Can you arrange swaps with a friend? Can your parents help out? Can you ask your partner to up his contributions?
  5. Request people to offer understanding and help – this can be a bit of a game changer.  Make it clear to people that you would always value support doing x, y or z.  It doesn’t need to be all the time, sometimes life gets tedious. Wouldn’t it be nice if your partner just offered to do stuff? Taking out the bin, cooking dinner, taking the kids out, doing the bed time routine, whatever.  It’s so much nicer when something is offered.  Make it clear to the right people that you would always appreciate offers, and of course, find ways to make their life less tedious too!
  6. Find some time for a sneaky nap – this one is not to be underestimated.  Have a lie in. Take turns with your partner. Have a sneaky nap whilst the kids watch a movie, anything.  Find a way to recharge.  Sleep is awesome.
  7. Encourage fathers to make the same requests – it has taken some time for my husband to become accustomed to being immersed in the day to day up bringing of our kids.  It’s still intense and stressful, but it’s a different kind stress and we feel good about it.  The more we talk about this, as a society, and make small changes towards real balance then the more feasible it is to actually make wider changes.  Fathers shouldn’t see this as something women need to push, we should both be in this together.

I feel fortunate to be running my own business and ultimately being able to make all my decisions.  Some are easier than others.  But I guess I’m increasingly becoming an employer of some sort too, so I do think of how all this stuff applies to how I run my business.  I’m not quite big enough to worry too much about that yet.

I would love to hear stories from other mothers and fathers.  How are you all coping?

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Extroverts, Introverts and Confidence

I’m a quiet kinda woman.
I love doing stuff that helps others thrive.  I hide away doing important bits of work that then allow me to observe the joy and successes of others.  I thrive on seeing others benefit from my work.

I am introverted in the real world.  Yet online I feel like I am an extrovert.  It’s kind of strange and it is something I think about a lot.

I build communities. I write. I organise events. I share. I post photos (including plenty of selfies!). The social web for me has been amazing.  I love the world I have created online. The trails I have left behind. It brings me joy to look back on my work.

I feel confident online.  Super confident.  I believe the confidence has come with time, it hasn’t always been there.  And now I almost call myself an extrovert in the digital world. It energises me. I get a buzz from digitally creation. I chat online, often, with multiple people. My phone, Slack, email, Twitter is constantly buzzing.  All of this gives me energy to keep going.

However, in real life. Even in my own events, I love taking a back seat.  You’ll find me behind a camera. Or walking about ensuring everything and everyone is ok.  Being out and about, travelling and networking tires me out. I struggle with group discussions, but love one to one conversations.

This year I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone by doing public speaking.  I have put it off so long and have said ‘no’ to requests many times.  However, I do wonder whether the new experiences that come will help me evolve towards a more extroverted person as my confidence grows.

I don’t think there are clear cut lines. I think part of it is confidence.  Another part is commitment and passion to a cause (which I seem to have found).  And perhaps another part is a natural talent towards certain things.

Another question is – does it really matter if we are introverts or extroverts?  Should we just focus on what we enjoy doing and forget how we actually go about it.

Confessions of A Zombie Selfie-A-Holic Social Media Junkie

I’ve been thinking about selfies, zombies and mobile phones recently. And I keep meaning to write about the connection of these three things.

The reason being is I keep seeing attacks on how stupid we are often are for taking selfies and acting like zombies with our phones. There are many articles out there that attack our zombie selfie type actions. Here is the most recent one I’ve seen.

Apparently as humans we are unable to use these wonderful bits of technology to improve our lives without people descending upon us with criticism.

My only regret is that we didn’t have such easy options to record things that matter to us at an earlier time.

My current Instagram timeline is covered with photos that matter to me.  Many of them are selfies.  They make me smile and remind me of who I and my family once were.

My Facebook account has updates that go back years.  I now get regular reminders of updates from my past.  Things that I have completely forgotten about.  They make me laugh, cry and question my past.  It reminds me how far I’ve progressed as a person.

My Twitter account goes back years too.  One day I may see if I can make use of any of the updates.

My phone is full of videos, photos and notes that I refer to time and time again.  It serves as a point of inspiration and as my 2nd brain.

Sure, I may look stupid when I’m taking a selfie or obsessed with doing something that you are totally unaware of. But really, I don’t care.  I’m busy making memories for myself.

I may appear to be distracted, but really I’m enjoying the moment, paying closer attention to the details and taking videos or photos that will bring me joy.

I may appear disengaged.  The truth is I may be disengaged in something, but totally engaged in something else.  The phone has enabled me to manage my life more efficiently so I can get more things done.

I may pass time reading news, watching ‘TV’, keeping up to date with ‘social media’ or playing games.  I’m ok with that.  There’s nothing new there, it’s just a different medium.  We all deserve time to switch off.

My Flickr account (that photo website that arrived way before Instagram) are full of photos that go back to when my eldest boys were such little things.


This baby here is now 10 years old.  I get so much joy browsing these photos.  It’s priceless, to me.

The things that make me feel sad is when I don’t actively do these things.  There was a period for a couple of years where I didn’t actively take many photos of my kids. I have regrets about this.

And in not such a digital age, I feel great sadness that many of our family photos have been lost during the many house moves my parents had.  I only have a handful of photos of me when I was younger.  I know there were more, but they have been lost, probably forever.

In addition to creating joy and memories for myself, I honestly believe that my children will appreciate the things I’m creating today.  I am making stuff for them.  They may thank me one day.

It’s okay if you think we look stupid doing things with technology, whatever it may be. I just think it’s daft to spend the time and effort ridiculing it.

And for what it’s worth, I don’t own nor have ever used a selfie stick.

Business As An Enabler

Most text books say businesses exist to make profit.  I disagree and feel this is an excuse to be selfish.  People separate themselves as humans when they hide behind a business entity.  They feel it is ok to do certain things because they stay within business and tax laws.

As my ideas around business mature, I find nothing worse than focusing on profit.  There is so much more to it.  And for me it is really about people and investing in them all the people around me.  Because we can.  And probably because we can within the laws too.

We can use laws to be selfish.

Or we can use laws to do things that change people’s lives.

So my business right now exists to enable me in:

  • giving back to my (software testing) community
  • investing in the people (and their dreams) that I work closely with
  • investing in causes that I believe in.  This could be charity. Exploring side projects.  Investing into others.
  • living a fruitful life

I am motivated to make a profit so I can do awesome things.  Not so I can be the 1%.

A moving company offers services for free to victims of domestic abuse is a great example of a company doing the right thing, because they can.

And Inequality for All is a documentary worth watching.

Politics is not my avenue for fighting change.  I will do things my way and share my stories to encourage others.

A Nutty Kinda Year

rosieisnutsIt’s December.  Things are ramping down for many people and I feel like the only one who will be kicking some butt this December.

It’s been a crazy year for me.  I can only describe it as nuts.  Almost like I haven’t been able to breathe, until now.

Just over year ago I was pregnant with high blood pressure.  I was around 25 weeks (and had only recently gotten over daily morning sickness) with suspected pre-eclampsia – there was talks of babies being viable from 24 weeks.  It’s not the kind of thing anyone wants to hear.  I am grateful I made it all the way without complications, though I think there wasn’t a week that I wasn’t visiting the hospital.

It was pretty tough going.  And totally worth it for the daughter I now have.

During this same time I was still working and trying to launch The Dojo.  Which was soon be followed by TestBash.  My little girl was 5 weeks old when TestBash happened.

It was nuts trying to juggle it all.  Conference. The Dojo. New baby (completely attached to me).  Unschooling my other kids.

People say startups and small companies are often chaotic.  Try throwing in the above for added chaos and stress.  Nothing ever goes according to plan.

We survived.

Then for some strange reason TestBashNY (just a couple weeks before a TinyTestBash) seemed like a great idea.  Seriously, I’m so stupid sometimes! Our inability to get childcare as quickly as we wanted, a daughter that would not settle or detach herself from me and a husband with health challenges made it all incredibly tougher than expected.

Again we survived.  We made stuff happen. We grew as individuals and a company.  We are relieved.  And we most definitely are stronger.

I am only now starting to achieve some kind of normality.  (There is still much to catch up on. I owe many people emails.  I am sorry!)

My main takeaways for this year have been:

  • Doing good work can make you feel like shit, often it is over rated.
  • Actually, as much as I love my work, it can be pretty depressing at times.  Often it’s like being punched in the face when all sorts of things don’t go according to plan.
  • We had been trying to find a healthy life balance, we didn’t quite make it this year, but health issues gave us a huge kick up the butt to get things moving!
  • It was the first time we actually had to prioritise our health needs over anything else, making other things wait was tough.
  • Children are amazing, attached babies are incredibly hard work, but still amazing!
  • I didn’t spend enough quality time with my older boys.  This has to change.
  • Travelling with 4 kids for a month in the U.S.  is nuts and very expensive.  As a family we decided it was too long this time around.  Future trips will be shorter, at least until Eloise is older.
  • My only time to myself this year has been when I went running (and even that was often with my Eloise). I think I may have cracked otherwise.  I definitely need more time to myself.

Onwards! In 2016 I will be facing my fears! 🙂

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How Do I Do It All?

My family, the Instagram version. The original had me in at the bottom, but it won’t fit with Instagram.

A photo posted by Rosie Sherry (@rosiesherry) on

This is my family.

That’s my husband at the back.

I use to help him with his business.  Now he helps me with mine (and also works on his own projects).

He use to get the priority to work.  Now I do.

Our priorities change as our lives change.  We think that’s ok.

We try to aim for a 50/50 responsibility with home and family responsibilities.  Though it’s currently not quite balanced that way.  He’s taking on more family stuff these days.  It should swing back into balance next month, I say, wishfully.

When he worked full time and ran a business no one ever asked him how he did it.   No one was ever really curious how he managed to juggle a busy work life and a growing family.

However, I’ve been asked this question constantly:  How do I do what I do with x amount of kids?

I don’t get offended when people ask me, but honestly this is a big issue to talk about.  Sexism. Gender bias.  Societal norms.  Whatever you want to call it.

I don’t want to go into details of it (right now at least), but I did want to explain how I ‘do it’.

I do it with the support of my husband.  Just like  my husband ‘did it’ with the support of his wife.

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