Rosie Sherry

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Hey there, thanks for being curious about me.

I’m Rosie Sherry. I live in Brighton (UK) with my family. I’ve mostly been here for 20 years.

Along the years I’ve accumulated 5 kids and we are unschool them all, not always, but since about 2012. Currently my kids are aged 3 - 17.

Professionally, I’ve mostly thrived building communities.

I bootstrapped Ministry of Testing, which I continue to (co)own, but it runs without me now.

I’ve run coworking spaces.

I’ve done some great meetups too.

These days I run the Indie Hackers community.

I’m also working on, a community for community builders. Honestly, it’s my excuse to go as deep into the world of community building as I can.

I’m quite active and love Twitter, so you can find me there too — @rosiesherry

I have a zillion other things I’d love to do, one day maybe.