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A Model for Better Business

The website design annoys me, but the ideas look interesting from a ‘forward thinking’ business aspect. Over two years, in partnership with CITIZENME, we’ve spoken to 7,000 people in 5 markets about the role of business in the world today. Last year, in RADICAL EVERYONE, they told us they want fundamental change, and they want businesses to drive

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Ethics in tech, again

This is emotional and tragic. (Stillbirth trigger warning). There is something inherently wrong if the biggest tech companies won’t or refuse to invest in building ethical tech. We’ve forgotten about the humanity. We’ve forgotten that all this tech is for people.  And that people are complex beings who are not always trigger happy. We focus

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Revenue as a Health Metric

I like this from Ghost, a publication platform, who seem really ethical in the way they do things.  It’s a breath of fresh air to see ethical and non profit companies compete against other for profit and funded companies.  These kind of stories inspire me. While the first few years were pretty frantic to get

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Coaches for employees

For Ministry of Testing I’ve often thought about coaches for our team.  It’s not something I’ve managed to look into in detail, but interesting to see a company offer it as a service. Guided is the easiest way to offer high quality and affordable coaching to all of your employees – https://www.getguided.co/

Things they don’t teach you running a business by yourself

I should probably write one of these myself.  But for now, it’s nice reading it from someone else’s perspective. Yes, indie businesses are all the rage at the moment.  Little did I know I started one all those years back. One of the most hotly talked about topics in tech right now is starting an

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Debt instead of venture funding

I love reading stories of companies that don’t sell out and try to find their own creative way.  It also makes me feel better about Ministry of Testing being a Wistia customer. 🙂 This shares how Wistia decided to take on debt instead of selling out. There were a few things within it that reminds me

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MoT Release Notes

Today I discovered that we do deploy on Fridays 😀 Ministry of Testing now sharing our release notes so you can see the things we are doing.  Small steps to being more visible about the work we do. Thank you Team MoT.

Not Seeking Approval / Feedback

This has mostly been me in approaching growing my business. From Seth Godin’s blog: The trap of listening to feedback “If I listened to feedback, I would have quit on the first day.” You’re devoting your life to making something important. Something helpful. Something that matters. Mostly, something that hasn’t been done before, that’s going

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Removing Myself As The Single Point of Failure

I realised, a couple of years ago, as my little company grew a certain amount of structure, process and communication was important for it to survive. Not too much. Not too little.  But just the right amount. About 18 months ago I wrote an email to Derek, just saying hi and talking about my current

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