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Obligation to opt out of Facebook

Here’s an article questioning whether users should feel obligated to opt out of Facebook.  It is a topic I think about a lot and it’s easy to ignore it when life is always so busy. My trouble atm is that I’m part of many FB groups, this is probably what keeps me going back more

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My Twitter Lists

So Twitter came out with their new lists feature recently. Thought I would share mine 🙂  They revolve around my interests which include: coworking, communities, softwaretesting, Brighton, Lewes, education… I actually really like the lists.  It has allowed me to trim down some of the people I am following whilst still being able to keep

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Getting Twestimonials – the Twitter, open and honest way

One of my partners in crime had just a few minutes before leaving to meet a client and asked me if she could have a testimonial of my work that involved Community Management. The problem was I didn’t, but it turned out not to be such a problem.  Twitter saved me. I asked. And I

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