Debt instead of venture funding

I love reading stories of companies that don’t sell out and try to find their own creative way.  It also makes me feel better about Ministry of Testing being a Wistia customer. 🙂 This shares how Wistia decided to take on debt instead of selling out.

There were a few things within it that reminds me of MoT, particularly about reminding themselves that business can be fun and creative but that it is all too easy to lose that when the wrong things are focused on.

It was nerve-racking to operate on gut instincts, but when it worked it felt amazing. Source:

Bit Planner – A Lego Planner

Oh, I love the the visual aspect of this!  Plus Lego!

Bit Planner is a wall mounted time and resource planner. It’s made entirely of Lego bricks, and if you take a photo of it using our app all of the events and timings will be magically synchronised to an online, digital calendar.

It makes the most of the tangibility of physical objects, and the ubiquity of digital platforms, and it also puts a smile on our faces when we use it!

Teach Yourself Computer Science

From a testing perspective I would love to know how many subjects within this TeachYourselfCS site that testers have gone to the effort to learn.  Of course it depends, but how necessary/beneficial is it.

(I haven’t tried to learn each topic in details, I find it overwhelming!)


Study all nine subjects below, in roughly the presented order, using either the suggested textbook or video lecture series, but ideally both. Aim for 100-200 hours of study of each topic, then revisit favorites throughout your career 🚀.

Visit source:

The Site Reliability Workbook

This book is the companion volume to Google’s first book, Site Reliability Engineer‐ ing. To get the most out of this volume, we recommend that you have read, or can refer to, the first SRE book (available to read online for free at


How work kills us

RONALD REAGAN once quipped that they say hard work never killed anyone—“But I figure why take the chance?” Yet things have changed since “the Gipper” pretended to loaf in the Oval Office. Toxic work environments are as dangerous to health as second-hand smoke, argues Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, in his latest book, “Dying for a Paycheck”.


Medium, great for writing, not great for converting

I always knew this.  Medium can be great for writing and sharing stories.  It’s so easy to get started, but if you are serious about long term building your blog/brand/business then probably best to host your own blog, on WordPress for example.

Based on our survey, out of 100 respondents no one mentioned our blog as the source how they discovered Standuply and UTM tracking confirmed that.

Something was wrong. Later we discovered the reason — Medium.

As a company, you can’t create a story with unique visual identity on Medium. Also, there are fewer ways to convert readers into subscribers (like that we’re using for WordPress). – Source: Standuply