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  • Logging things these days

    Whilst I think social media is kinda amazing, I’m also kinda ‘whatever’ about it these days.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The travel version.

    There comes a point, probably around the ‘3 kids’ mark, that when you go out somewhere, you find yourself counting the number of kids, constantly.

  • Complex Symmetry From a 4 Year Old

    I re-discovered some photos I took of my now 7 year old, who when he was 4 had this habit of creating near perfect and very complex symmetrical models with things like Duplo and Hama Beads.

  • Embedding Running Into Daily Life

    One of the things I’m keen on doing is making running, or even walking, a more embedded part of our lifestyle.

  • Daytime Sleeping Efficiency for Piper

    Piper is almost one and we’ve been figuring out routines, for her, for us as a family and then also figuring out how to fit work in between.