Too many pivots

There was a product that I really liked, but they've pivoted too many times in the past couple of years.

So much so, that I've just lost trust in them and the founders.

I don't think I'd ever risk spending time on their new product or any future product, no matter how good it looks.

I get that companies pivot. However, sometimes it feels like the easy option instead of working through the hard challenges of finding product market fit and growth.

In this particular instance, I definitely feel that the pivots came too early. It's almost like the excitement wore off and the team used that as an excuse to move on.

Often I think businesses succeed when they get past this 'grunt' phase. The work gets hard. Growth slows or halts. Business models are questioned. Serious decisions need to be made.

People are too quick to leave their faithful fans and customers behind. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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