Timeline - page 2

  • Quality, Analog and Unscaling

    Pretty much how I’m doing, trying and aiming to live.  Unscaling is a term I haven’t come across before, but is something I very much do and support.

  • Braving the Wilderness + Community

    I just finished reading Braving the Wilderness (see my basic notes) by Brené Brown.

  • Life before a career

    A nice post on doing what is (ethically) right first rather than doing what is good for your ‘career’.

  • Goodbye Evernote

    I’ve tried on and off over the years to get into Evernote as a way to be organised and keep notes on all the things.  It’s never worked.  Whilst much of the functionality is useful, I’ve found the UI hard to work with.

  • Simple Way To Organise Written Notes, Take Note!

    I’ve come across this idea in the past, but haven’t put it into action before.  I do love it everytime I see it though.