• Artisanal Internet Movement

    The the artisanal internet movement is something I can get behind.  TBH I’ve been behind it for a while as I seek increasingly to build things ethically and increasingly remove myself from (social) media outlets.  I’m not convinced about the name myself, it doesn’t quite flow off my tongue.

  • Removing Google

    There’s definitely a trend of people doing their best to rid their lives of the likes of Google and Facebook.

  • Building Local Communities Can Work

    I love community building and have done my fair share of creating local communities. I see so many communities fail.  Or businesses approach them in such the wrong way.

  • Using Email To Replace Facebook

    I’ve been mulling over for a while on how to replace ‘all’ social activity with other things.  Increasingly I’m thinking more inward to myself and how I want to connect to people better.

  • A Model for Better Business

    The website design annoys me, but the ideas look interesting from a ‘forward thinking’ business aspect.