Preparing for a life that doesn't rely on social media

I've been saying this for a while and have made steps towards it, but not quite taken the time, or make it a priority.

The world increasingly feels messed up.

Day by day. Year by year.

And the more time goes on, the less I want of the chaos and the noise.

For 15+ years I've tried to find a consistency with writing on my own platform/space and have failed to do so.

Of course, I've been busy, having 5 kids, running a business, then having a day gig and then side gigs, and then covid, and then whatever next. The excuses are always there, but it never stopped me from participating on social.

And I regret that.

And I'm not quitting social media, not yet anyways. What I do want to do is instill a habit.

Currently, when I have an idea, my instant reaction is to post it on Twitter.

Now I want that action to be to post something here or on Rosieland (if it's community related).

I must resist the easy option of Twitter and social and write here and invest in my long-term memories.

I don't think my future self will regret writing here. And it's always easy to just copy over content to social.

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