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  • The Consequence of Correct Answers

    This video rings so true with me. I know one more than one occasion my son(s) have been scared to do or answer something for fear of getting it wrong.

  • What Executives Value In Testing / StarWEST / MindMap

    I’m at StarWEST this week so thought I’d make the effort of taking some notes of some of the sessions/talks I’ve been attending.  I don’t have the stamina to do it for all of them, but here’s my mindmap and some relevant photos from Mike and Jeanette’s talk.  I was particularly interested in this one as I’ve always been keen to hear more about testing related to startups.

  • The 21 Hour Work Week

    I read this report on a 21 hour work week by the NEF 3 years ago (when it first came out).  It talks about the benefits that would be achieved if society adopted or moved towards a 21 hour work week – the benefits which included economic, heatlh and community.  It really is worth a read.

  • Less Is More

    The more you have, the more you use.  The old saying is that less is more.

  • Learning To Be

    Life is one big long journey.