Diversity efforts often have little impact because core foundations are not changed. It needs to be a company wide effort rather than just reaching out to a diverse audience.
stereotypes and personas often make us forget about the needs of all the others.
“default settings can be helpful or deceptive, thoughtful or frustrating”
A default avatar picture is often male represented. These days they are becoming more neutral with more abstract silhouetres or using other icons such as initials.
We are all edge cases, there are no average users.  Call them stress cases.
Creepy language, referred to as negging. Making people feel bad for not signing up to stuff.
why always try to be delightful. Things don’t always have to be friendly. So much crap happens in the name of engagement.
its time to see through companies ethics and approaches.

tracking, tagged, targeted

‘what Facebook thinks you like’ browser extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/what-facebook-thinks-you/eoknmaajkanapojcdeccofmeimpddoim
 ‘data detox kit’ https://tacticaltech.org/news/data-detox-kit-online/
 Default settings play a massive role in the data that is collected