In order to be found you need to be findable.

Build sharing into your routine.

It’s not about networking, it’s about cranking away and sharing.  Take advantage of the network.

There’s a healthier way of thinking about creativity that the musician Brian ENO refers to as ‘scenius’.  Under this model, great ideas are often birthed by a group of creative individuals - artists, curators, thinkers, theorists and other tastemakers - who make up an ‘ecology of talent’.  If you look back closely at history, many people who we think of as lone geniuses are actually part of a whole scene of people supporting each other.

Supporting, copying, building upon, stealing, contributing.

Good work is not a vacuum.

We are all amateurs.  We are terrified of being revealed as amateurs. But an amateur is an enthusiast who pursues her work in the spirit of love.

Amateurs have little to lose. Take chances. Experiment. Follow their whims.  Amateurs know that contributing something is better than nothing.  Amateurs lack formal training but are lifelong learners, and they make a point of learning in the open.