Educate: From Latin of educere
Ex = out
Ducere = lead
To lead out.
The business world sees education as ‘putting in’.

We’ve unquestionably accepted a false definition of education.

People have lost the confidence, or never had it, on deciding what they should learn.  School teaches us that we should wait for when and how to learn things.

“The public school system in this country is based on a false definition of education. It’s path leads us to false goals. At the same time, the public school system does not follow the true meaning of education. Therefore, we are not educating children at all. We are conditioning them.”

Ivan Illich: school prepares for the alienating institutionalizAtion of life by teaching the need to be taught.

Through the legal power to make you attended for a minimum of ten years, you are part of an active audience taught to uncritically accept that 1) you need someone outside yourself to provide an education 2) your education need only ready you for confinement within yet other institutions and 3) the value or truth of these notions should never be questioned.

Consider a few examples:
Helping a friend is cheating
an institutional expert should decide what and when you learn
doing irrelevant, mind numbing gores is good for you
you are not capable of evaluating your own work or worth
you at in competition with your classmates die your teacher’s limited time and attention
answer, don’t ask questions
time is Too short to spend it listening to your ideas.

The attitude to school attendance / truancy leads us to accept that School should unquestioningly rate the center of your family’s universe.  When it comes to being prepared to live a good, healthy life, is that all there is?