Maybe taking notes isn't the answer

I love the idea of taking notes and creating better organisation systems for our thoughts.

But recently, I've been wondering whether we should just put more emphasis on writing or just publishing something in small form that feels useful and reference-able in the future.

Write and tag things. Then we can find what we need to find when we need to.

Is all this networked thought and note taking over complicating things and actually just stopping us from taking action with writing?

Instead of taking a few extra moments to write something, we take note of something that we probably won't look back at.

I'd rather read one book a month and write a few meaningful and short posts on it rather than take notes that I probably won't look at again.

And of course, I'm writing this after recently taking up yet another note taking tool. In my heart I just want to publish in snippets, in blocks, then into books or courses.

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