Dress for exercise

So many of us have gone for casual dress since the pandemic, but I'm doubling down and dressing for exercise every single day. I work from home, rarely go far from home and most of my clothes these days are exercise friendly clothes. The down side of this is that I struggle to think of what to wear when I do go 'out'.

First world problems, I suppose.

The purpose of dressing for exercise is to remove any barriers to doing the exercise I want to do. Sure it won't take me long to change clothes, but being able to seize the moment without any barriers helps.

I'm trying to start this as a regular habit. And I'm writing this after jumping on the treadmill for a mix of walking and jump roping (next to the treadmill, not on it!)

Really my goal every day is to break a sweat at least once and achieve 10k steps. Whilst I do strength training 3 times a week, I'm not doing the daily stuff, which I feel is important...especially as I head towards my mid 40's. 😱

Posting this here for a bit of accountability, even if it is just for myself.

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