Hello there.

I’m Rosie Sherry.  Founder at Ministry of Testing. Unschooler and mother to 5 amazing children. I also like to run.

I’ve spent most of my career in the software testing world.  First as a tester, then I founded  Software Testing Club, which evolved into The Ministry of Testing - an amazing community of software testers who want to change share and improve their craft.

I love the web and all the opportunities it brings.  I get excited about a lot of all the fruitful things related to communities, marketing, education and ‘doing ethical business’.

I’m a big believer in doing things ethically.  Ministry of Testing is 100% self funded. I’m learning as I’m going and am very much enjoying the slow and consistent growth we are experiencing.

I’m fascinated by the world of community, marketing, ethical business, unschooling and of course, tech + software testing. 🙂

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