I came across Derek Sivers Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals today, found via Building a digital garden.

This topic has fascinated me for a while.  The idea of continual journalling. Common place systems.  Note taking. Whatever you may call it.  It is something I continually continue to try to be committed to, and log the things that I’m working on.

I’ve personally started keeping a log of things I find on this topic. I’ve called it ‘On Organising’.

It’s my acknowledgement that this is something that I’m working towards, and trying to address in my own personal way.

Some things are public, and I will point to them where possible.  Others are not. Some may be on pen and paper. Others are on digital format.

Whatever way I choose to log stuff, the truth is that I feel it is so important to keep a log. Private or public, it doesn’t really matter.

I turned 40, a month ago today, and a big part of me wonders where my life has gone.  I truly wish I had kept some proper long term log of my life.

I remember keeping a diary in my teens, which I think I ‘trashed’, I can’t actually remember.  I hope I trashed it, haha.  But really, I wish I had kept hold of it.  For my own pleasure and sanity.

We think we will always remember and understand all the things.  But the reality is that we don’t.

These memories make us who we are, yet society will make it out that these things are not important.

I feel they are important. They make us who we are. Our identity, our culture, that is so easily forgotten and dismissed in this current world.

The ability to go back over these memories, of who we are, our thoughts, progress and ideas…can be incredibly important in the making of who we are.