The the artisanal internet movement is something I can get behind.  TBH I’ve been behind it for a while as I seek increasingly to build things ethically and increasingly remove myself from (social) media outlets.  I’m not convinced about the name myself, it doesn’t quite flow off my tongue.

Slow food. Organic. Decentralized. Back to the land.  These are the kind of words being used to describe it.

For consumers, this means forgoing convenience to control your ingredients: Read newsletters instead of News Feeds. Fall back to private group chats. Put the person back in personalization. Revert to reverse chron. Avoid virality. Buy your own server. Start a blog. Embrace anonymity. Own your own domain. Spend time on federated social networksrather than centralized ones. And when a big story breaks, consider saving your appetite for the slow-cooked, room-temp take.