I have a problem in that I like to help people out. Of course, that’s not really a problem in itself. It’s when the lack of balance comes.

Where I put other people’s needs before my own.

Mothers can easily identify with this. Mothers always come last.

Entrepreneurs know this too. It’s often a lonely world with many sacrifices made along the way. I’ve put the 10 years of my career, at the most important time in my life, at risk to build something that could quite easily being a waste of time.

When you build a community and try to lead, it’s not you that really matters. It’s the people and the outcome. It’s so easy to not put those important boundaries around yourself.

I know that people don’t really see me as selfish. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling that way, when I wish I could be doing more.

I’m getting better at dealing with it.

I’m learning to detach myself so that negative situations don’t drag me down.

I’m learning to better focus my time on things that matter.

Ultimately, these days, I’m trying to do less so that I can focus on a better me.

Less to me doesn’t mean not doing stuff. It means working on and really figuring out what is good for me. Slowing down when everyone wants to speed up is hard!

I’m sure a better me is better for everyone.