I’ve been mulling over for a while on how to replace ‘all’ social activity with other things.  Increasingly I’m thinking more inward to myself and how I want to connect to people better.

I don’t feel like I can ditch the platforms entirely, but I’m certainly using them less as I become increasingly uncomfortable in how these companies operate and dominate our lives.

Chad mentions here his strategy of moving away from Facebook my using an email list (Mailchimp in this instance).  It’s one worth bearing in mind.

Keeping up with close friends and family post-Facebook: a simple email list

People in my life didn’t have much to say about me leaving Facebook but I did get a few
plaintive emails. How will we keep up with you? How will we see photos of your child?_The implication was that without Facebook, all would be lost and we would lose contact forever. I’m exaggerating a little but I was legitimately surprised at the sense of finality that some people seemed to feel, as if there would be no other possibilities for us to connect to each other once I left. Sure, Facebook might be the most _convenient way to connect but I never thought of convenience as the hallmark of good relationships. That said, there were people I did want to stay in touch with so I came up with a plan: start a very small mailing list via Mailchimp’s Forever Free plan to stay in touch with very close friends and my family.  I’ve sent three emails this year and it’s been a great overall experience.

Source: https://blog.chaddickerson.com/2019/01/09/replacing-facebook/