I enjoy not celebrating Christmas.  Not getting caught up in the hustle of it all allows me to have a bit of clear head space to think about the upcoming year.

I don’t do goals, but there are things I would like to keep plugging away at in 2019…

Run + exercise more

I ran close to 300 miles in 2018.  I mentioned previously that I’d like to hit 400 this year.  I’d love to add something else into the mix, but that may be a bit ambitious. I enjoy yoga, but haven’t be able to keep consistency with it. My husband and eldest are doing strength training in our garage, that may be another option I’d like to explore.

Read more books

I have such a huge pile of books that I’m desperate to read.  And it gets me down that I haven’t read nearly enough in the past few years.  The right kind of books (re)inspire me and end up getting me off my butt to tackle things on my list in a new way.

This year I’m committed to getting more away from social media and work, to read and invest in myself.  I’ve given so much to my work (MoT) and my family over the past few years that I’ve forgotten about myself and my needs.

I signed up to GoodReads last year, you can follow me there to see what I read.

Be more social in real life

There are people I keep meaning to hang out with, but never get around to.  Having young kids doesn’t help, but I feel like that’s a bit of an excuse at times too.  In 2019 I want to physically meetup with people.  I’m a reluctant traveller (because of kids) atm, so I will be keeping this local in 2019.  If you want to hang out near/in Brighton sometime, then let me know.

Create better boundaries around work

MoT has taken up so much of my headspace over the past few years.  Even when I’m not working, my head is in work.  It’s been a big struggle of mine.  I love MoT, but I need to switch off more.  It’s almost a case of rediscovering myself.

I’ve made good progress in the past year or so, but there is still much room for improvement.

Researching Unschooling

For years I’ve been itching to properly research and do something in the unschooling space.  I’ve started and stopped numerous times, trying to find clarity about what I actually want to do around it. I’ve found it frustrating for myself that I haven’t done more.

I’ll cut myself some slack though…I know I’ve been busy. 🙂

At this moment I feel happy with the habits I’ve been developing recently about writing and researching about unschooling at unschool.me.  In 2019 I feel this will continue.

Less Social Media, More Writing for Me

I have two websites (this one and unschool.me) that have my commitment to post content on these first, before any social media type places.

I’ve created a ‘timeline’ on each of these websites to post small updates in addition to longer blog items.

I’m also creating pages for taking notes on various things as they come up.  Sometimes this means things are not quite complete when published.  But that doesn’t bother me, ultimately these websites are for me, yet I hope they will be useful to others.  I feel it is a better solution to use websites (WordPress) as a way to write stuff down, than forever trying to find the right note taking tool that I know I’ll never fully commit to.

Generally, whilst I appreciate social media, I’m disillusioned that it has become such a dominant thing in my life.  I’m not closing any accounts down, more a case of being more conscious of where I spend my time.

I find researching, writing and reading is time better spent than on social media.  And I definitely feel more positive about and within myself when doing these things.

Simplify and Minimise

I’ve been a fan on minimalism for a while and as a family we’ve been working towards ‘minimalism’ for too long!  Having ‘new’ kids just doesn’t help the cause!  I’m not sure we’ll ever get there when our kids are young, but we keep trying.

I don’t think it is something that is ever ‘done’, but I hope that we can get to a state where I feel happy with it this year.  I think this year is about clearing out all the paperwork and old tech that we have.

I’ve been quite good at bagging things up to giveaway, but so bad at actually taking it somewhere to be given away to.  It means there are piles around the house of stuff for weeks/months on end :}