I’m not much of a talker, but if I start a podcast I’ll be looking to use TransistorFM.

Why? Because it is built by honest people who care. People who try to build good things.  People who know that money is needed to make things happen, but it is not their primary motivation.

We need good people doing these good things.  People who explore. Who take risks. And who have this drive to be and do something special in their own little part of the universe.

You may think that these people are having a grand time building up these products and businesses that seem so fabulous on the outside.  But really, just like me, they are human. And often lonely, because business building is hard and it’s hard to find people to talk about it.

These people are imperfect in so many ways, but aren’t we all.

These people have show up, day in day out, most of the time.  When they don’t show up, they probably need a hug.

These people strive to make the best decision possible.  It is a punch in the gut if something in their business goes wrong.

These people put their best face on so that you have the best experience possible.

These people care and hopefully make good things too!

And wouldn’t the world be a better place if businesses were run by people that honestly care?

These people can change your world. Perhaps not THE world. But they can change yours.

There are people like Justin everywhere.  I am one of them too.  Infact, anyone with a dream of doing something different is one of them, whatever part of the story line you are on.

My biggest sadness is that these stories come out after we’ve been through a tough time.  It was brave of Justin to share his.  Kudos to him, as I haven’t been brave enough to share my struggles.