I’ve been running for about 5 years now.  Though I didn’t really run when I was pregnant with my last two.  I’m super proud of myself for making it a habit of mine.

In 2016 I ran just over 300 miles.

In 2017, I’m not sure exactly, but not that much due to being pregnant.

In 2018, I ran 289 miles.  Not far off 2016, which I guess is alright considering I had just had a baby and csection.  2018 was the year that I started running with the a double buggy (sometimes). It’s also the year (towards the end) that I started running using barefoot running shoes - that’s been interesting and good.  I don’t think I can go back to normal running shoes now.

I guess 2018 was also the year I got labelled to a reckless mother for running ‘near massive waves’.

I hope in 2019 to run 400 miles.  Fingers crossed.

I’m off for a run now!