End of the year is always great for reflection.  I’m finding a bit of time for myself to do some  tidying up of my things.

Of course, tidying up is never really done.  Not when you unschool 5 kids, have a business to run and a heart set on doing new things.

Piper is now 1, a total beam of joy in my life.  It’s always hard to adjust to having a new child around.  Our life is full of re-adaptions, constantly.  Having kids just seems to slap you in the face and give you no choice with so many things.

2018 for me was about clearing things down and sometimes out, emotionally, online, work wise, family and friendships wise with the hope of bringing clarity to myself and my life.  As a result, I feel much clearer within myself how to approach 2019.

It still doesn’t mean I know exactly what I plan to do.  Whilst I believe in having a pathway, or a vision.  Having specific plans just don’t work for me.

One thing I do know is that 2019 is about transition for me.  I’m excited (and hope) to finally being able to put some more serious focus with my unschooling efforts and would really like that to make good progressive steps in 2019.  It’s been on my ‘heart-list’ of things to do for over 5 years and it’s been hard for me mentally/emotionally not to find the time to spend on it.

With regards to this website.  I’ve always tried to keep it as my professional/career type website, a reflection of who I am with my work hat on.  Decluttering means this website is about all things personal to Rosie. My unschooling is personal. My family is personal. My ideas are personal. My work is personal.  And this is where I will be sharing all of it going forward.

I hope many of you will find what I publish useful, but to be frank, this website is more for me than anyone else.  It has started to and will become my second brain.  I’ll explain more on that later.