This is emotional and tragic. (Stillbirth trigger warning).

There is something inherently wrong if the biggest tech companies won’t or refuse to invest in building ethical tech.

We’ve forgotten about the humanity. We’ve forgotten that all this tech is for people.  And that people are complex beings who are not always trigger happy.

We focus on the numbers. The stats. The money.

We use these numbers as an excuse to not invest. To not care. To forget about the humanity of the people we are all building things for.

We build things for the stats. Not people.

We put our hands up and claim the inability to change.

But we can all be that change, if you want to. It starts with you.

You who uses and relies on the tech.

You who builds the tech.

You who invests in the tech.

Express the injustices. Let the tech companies know. Spend your energy as and where gives you the hope to make a difference.

And remember you are still human even with the tech behind you. We do have the choice to turn away, there’s a whole world (remember it?) of no tech that is pretty exciting too!