I like this from Ghost, a publication platform, who seem really ethical in the way they do things.  It’s a breath of fresh air to see ethical and non profit companies compete against other for profit and funded companies.  These kind of stories inspire me.

While the first few years were pretty frantic to get everything off the ground and make the business sustainable - about a year ago we actually stopped tracking revenue as a primary goal. It’s now a health metric, like uptime or performance. We keep an eye on it, of course, but for the most part it doesn’t drive decision making. Decision making is centred around where we think we can have an impact, what people are asking for, and what we enjoy doing.

What we’ve created is a business and a product in a structure which we can see ourselves working on indefinitely. There are no investors putting pressure on us to generate a return, pump up numbers for an IPO, or work on features which would make us more attractive for an acquisition.

Source: https://blog.ghost.org/5/