Whilst I think social media is kinda amazing, I’m also kinda ‘whatever’ about it these days.

As an introverted kinda person, and I guess as I get older and more cynical about things, I feel like blurting stuff out into the social web feels more and more like just shouting out something into a room and seeing what sticks, or who it sticks to.

I’m being a bit more intentional about what I write and have decided that I don’t really want big corporates to track me, follow me, own my data.  I’ll still use them, because with what I do, I can’t just ditch it completely.

I’m resisting posting and slowly rethinking how and what I should write.  I hate the fact that I’ve written so many tweets, that I wish I had just published on my own site.

As it stands now you can find me on any of my websites.  Yes, that’s plural.

I also, increasingly just post testing type ideas to The Club for discussion.  There’s lots of cool ideas and things we should all be talking about from a testing perspective, it feels more appropriate putting stuff out there on The Club.  (Of course, I have my own self interest in MoT there too.)

I don’t always do it, but I’m trying my best to write in those places first.  And then post them to social.  I’ve even created my own ‘timeline’ on each website. 🙂

And tbh, it’s been a slow process of figure things out. How to write, what to write.  I’m not even close to where I want to be, but I feel like I’m making progress - mostly from the aspect of writing stuff and also how to find stuff, think about stuff and organise stuff that I am interested in.

And really this is just a bit of an update from a previous post I wrote, but I’m kinda pleased that I’m at least keeping all 3 sites semi-active.  The best thing is that I feel really good about it.  Like I’m heading in the right direction, rather than just following on tweeting things out.