There comes a point, probably around the ‘3 kids’ mark, that when you go out somewhere, you find yourself counting the number of kids, constantly.

This is what I felt last week. We went to a conference for the first time as a family. A short trip to Dublin, then Sligo where we stayed in a castle.
The castle we stayed at is pictured below 🙂

Of course we say a short trip. But 1 hour drive to airport. All the airport fuss (omg, with 5 kids)!. Plane flight. Stay in hotel for a night. Meet up with conference crew. 3 hour trip to west of Ireland to Sligo (where the castle was). Then the same on the way back, but all in one day. Not such a short trip after all!

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Where we slept last night

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The castle was basically booked for the conference attendees, around 60 of us. It was nice.

But I guess, as a family, it was an experiment as to how well we would travel. And really the biggest challenge was Piper. One year old, fidget, with no compassion for her parents! The rest were pretty easy to please.

But what I did find was that I was constantly counting '1, 2, 3, 4, 5.' This was me counting all the kids, constantly. Making sure each one was with us at all stages.

That counting, plus a fidgety 1 year old is knackering travel! 🙂

We will be travelling again in the future, just not too keen when Piper is such an annoying fidget! (No offense to future and older Piper!)