One of the things I’m keen on doing is making running, or even walking, a more embedded part of our lifestyle.

Earlier this year we got a new car, 5 kids now basically means we need a van.  The problem is we kept hold of our old car too.  The plan was to sell it straight away, but we didn’t get around to it and quickly got to liken the 2 car experience.  It made life easier is some aspects, but it has also made us that bit lazier.

Also, really, we just don’t need 2 cars.  Lots of stuff we do is local, and whilst it really is useful sometimes, I think we can make do without.  So hopefully we can sell that soon.  Get some money back as our new ‘bus’ cost us a small fortune.  We would also save money on insurance and what not.

But really it comes back to something more important to us - using cars less and just going by foot.  In my case I like to run. Mostly my runs have been focused on ‘getting my exercise in’, but I feel I should really just embed my running into daily activities.

The biggest culprit for me is our frequent trips to nursery, at the moment 4 days a week during term time.  I’ve kept putting off doing the running, but I feel we just need to make it the rule (unless the weather is truly depressing).  It’s a 5ish minute drive. Or a 12 minute run.  Plus my girl loves it and gets a lovely bit of fresh air.  The problem isn’t really the time, it’s more the habit of getting ready early enough so I don’t feel the need to rush (and use the car).

It’s a two mile round trip.  If I do that twice a day it would be 4 miles, longer than my average 5k run.  And if I do that 4 times a week, that would be 16 miles, that’s loads more than I run at the moment (currently anywhere from 5-10 miles, but closer to 5 miles atm 🙁 ), yet when broken down it really feels achievable.

On top of that, I’ve started using Barefoot running shoes, so am not overly keen on doing long runs until I feel well adapted to them.

So that’s my new focus for running at the moment.  I know that I’ll struggle to get all the runs in, but am going to give it a shot to see how I can make a habit of it.


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Ran to nursery. Need to do this more often. #ditchthecar #runrosierun #5k #barefootrunning #buggyrunning

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