The idea that business is about making money or profit now feels stupid to me.

As time has passed, I realise that of course we need to make money, but what I want more of is the ability to change people’s lives. I care little about making lots of money, I’m more interested in a fair and sustainable living, for me and the people that work with us.

It’s about living a life full of goodness and then trying to spread that to those that work with us.

Yes, there is much work to be done, but we also have lives to live. We each need the opportunity to look at our individual lives, feel empowered and decide what is important and right for us.  Something inside me says that this is crucial for personal and mental well being.

I’ve designed my work life around my personal life. This is a big shift to how society operates (where personal life is designed around work life). And if there is one thing that feels right to me - and has changed my life - this is it.