Often, I feel like I shouldn’t write about these things, because…first world problems.

But sometimes life just catches you.

This week I got tired.  Mostly life is pretty non-stop and I get frustrated that I just can’t seem to find the time for myself.  Not running as much for the past 3 weeks hasn’t helped.  And I could feel my mood trend downwards.

The tiredness also has a lot to do with Piper just not sleeping through the night and constantly disturbing me.  I often wake up a with cramped sore neck, stiff body from being forced into a breastfeeding position for hours on end and often she randomly whacks me (or shoves her finger up my nose).  Yes, the joys of parenting.  All minor first world problems tbh.

Yesterday I ‘slept in’ until 9:30, had an afternoon nap and then went for a longer than normal run (5.5 miles).  Not that I need to ask my husband permission for this kind of stuff, but he kindly and supportively told me to sleep and run. 🙂

And it helped me get back to my normal self. Yay.