Piper is almost one and we’ve been figuring out routines, for her, for us as a family and then also figuring out how to fit work in between.

We’ve discovered she sleeps really well during the day if we get her to have a nap as close to midday as possible.  Previously she was having 2 naps of around 1 hour each.  This is a bit of a time sink for us to manage. She also falls asleep really easily in the car, which isn’t such a problem, but it means I don’t personally get a break.

Piper’s sleep time is my time (to usually squeeze some work in), so if she sleeps in the car, I don’t really get that break.  But if she sleeps at home around midday, she’ll have a really good 1.5-2 hour sleep.  And I will be happy and recharged.

We’ve also discovered that when I don’t put her to sleep she falls asleep super fast and easily.  I’m still breastfeeding and she loves the comfort of my breast too much and often just doesn’t let go.

So now, as much as possible I get my husband to put her to sleep.  If he isn’t around then I’ll ask one of my teens to do it.  They are all happy to oblige and can normally get her to sleep in 5 minutes max 🙂

To get to stop her sleeping in the car I’ve put her car seat in the front to keep her awake myself.  I also keep a bunch of things at hand to keep her entertained.  Our car journeys aren’t usually more than 20 minutes. It’s been working so far, though she is completely and amusingly sleep by the end.

This is how we manage all the things atm.  Forever looking for opportunities to magic up time to do all the things.