Of course, tech changes constantly, there is no denying that.

A while back Amy Hoy wrote about how blogs broke the web.

Intercom have written about how they’ve killed their blog (in favour of structured content), but ironically are keeping the ‘blog’ URL.

So many ‘blogs’ are started, then die just as quickly.  The pressure to keep writing is too much for most. And really organising things based on chronological order is stupid for most things.

Then there is social media, constantly posting updates.  The constant need to create that engagement and following. It can be tiring as they encourage you to scroll and participate.  But as ethics and security concerns grow, more and more people are starting to question things.

I’ve personally decided to not focus on any kind of personal blogging.  I will still write at times, and publish it on my website, I just won’t call it blogging.  Slowly, and over time, this website is becoming my playground of information, notes and timeline.  Some in chronological order, others as organised pages.  What I do with all my chronological/older posts here remains to be seen, I still have lots to figure out!

I figure, if people want to find me and what is happening in my life, then rosiesherry.com is where that will be at.  Not the latest social network.

And just to be clear, I’m not leaving or deleting Facebook or Twitter or any of those things.  They have just become less of a focus for me over time.