This is in response to some news articles that have shamed me and labelled me a reckless mother. (Scroll to bottom for news links)

Last Friday a nosey onlooker looking to make a bit of extra money on a non news worthy topic took a photo of a mother and baby enjoying the great outdoors.

Rosie Sherry, a Director and Founder of a successful company and mother to 5 children, took some time out in between work calls to go out on a regular buggy run.  It was a bit windy, but definitely not stormy, and as a regular runner for the past 4 years she is educated and cautious about her exercise efforts.

“I took up running about 4 years ago.  And I realised that for it to work that sometimes I would have to run with one of my children.  Getting fit has changed my life and I believe fresh air is great for the mind, body and soul.  I’m actually a slow and careful runner. And I love to take photos of all my life activities to help me track and remind myself of my own progress.  Today’s world makes you forget all too easily of the life challenges that we overcome.  My photos are a reminder of that.” says Rosie.

Rosie stopped to take some photos and even some ‘Boomerang’ video type shots at Newhaven Beach. Whilst her baby was well protected with a rain cover from the mild winds.  And because Rosie has much common sense, she was able to make a decision on how far to place the buggy.  Snoopy photographers may be surprised that we were on dry land and not a speck of water ever touched us.

“I think it would be more dangerous to cross the road than place the buggy there.” says Rosie.

Rosie has used her Out and About running buggy for over 3 years.  It’s a wonderful piece of kit and she is sure the makers of such buggy could provide a demonstration of how great the breaks are.

This is in response to some news articles that have shamed me and labelled me a reckless mother.

The snooper and the publications that have published it should be shamed and ashamed!

Thank you for reading.

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