Tech and food have to be the biggest areas that cause debate (and tensions!) within the unschooling world.

It’s also interesting to note that those that create the tech often seem to limit it greatly with their children. Here it mentions the Gate’s and Zuckerberg’s massively limit (or plan to) the tech for their kids.  It also mentions how a Waldorf school with strict limitations on tech is the most sought after.  I also recall Steve Jobs had similar ways with his children.

As unschooling parents we’ve gone for super relaxed with tech, to much less so as we’ve experienced much negative aspects of it.  To the extent, that now, I honestly feel that allow too much tech is a bad thing for self and personal development. It sounds obvious saying it, it is much harder to implement when tech is all around you, and their friends often are all about the gaming and tech.

The reality is, that it is hard, but we still feel the best moments in life are those that don’t involve tech.  So as a family, we are putting our efforts into non tech activities.  The kids will often resist to begin with, but given a bit of time, even they freely admit that less tech is better.

I think, personally for us, it’s not about limiting the tech, but about encouraging all the other wonderful things in life.