I should probably write one of these myself.  But for now, it’s nice reading it from someone else’s perspective.

Yes, indie businesses are all the rage at the moment.  Little did I know I started one all those years back.

One of the most hotly talked about topics in tech right now is starting an indie business. What is an indie business? It’s one where you, and maybe a co-founder, attempt to start a business with no investor funding or large external influence. It goes by many names: boot-strapped, solo-founded, self-funded, indie-hackers…etc… and it’s pretty hot right now! Which is why we see a proliferation of sites like IndieHackers and posts on Hacker News (frequently making it the front-page). While I think it’s an exciting venture to take part of, I don’t think it’s for everybody. There’s a reason that folks seek employment over entrepreneurship, and we often forget these points when we see how “Joe Schmoe” went from an individual-contributor role to making $50k/mo with his side-hustle selling artisanal crayons out of his basement. Also, spoiler-alert, that kind of growth is an outlier, and not something to expect or bet on. A large amount of these run-away success stories are backed by years of failures and experience that catapulted them to where they are now.

Full article: https://docs.browserless.io/blog/2018/08/01/running-an-indie-business.html