It happens and keeps happening.  I should learn not to be surprised by it anymore. But I keep getting nicely surprised: our kids will do positive things that surprise us without any pressure or requests from us.

One time my 7 year old ran #5k with me.

Another time he had a shot of yoga, after seeing me doing it.

Recently I got a bit creative with some plastic film, started making gifts and cards from it.  My younger kids saw me and got involved. Then my teen starts spending some evenings making stuff with his own ideas. Then he starts helping his younger brother with projects.

Anytime I start drawing and making stuff the kids hover about, check out what I’m doing and the knock on effect lasts for days.

The best way to inspire and get your kids doing things (with out dragging them along) is to just do the stuff that you would like them to be curious about in front of them.  Make it part of your daily life, and they will join the ride.

If your daily life is sitting in front of the tv or computer all day, that is what will become theirs.

If your life is filled with love, activity, creativity, passion and focused work then that will most certainly rub off on them.

And the best thing about this is that by becoming more aware of this it helps us, the parents, become more conscious of ourselves and help us become better people.  By us trying to be better people, it will make our kids that bit better too.