As a modern human race we seem to have become obsessed with the need to control and measure everything.

At school there is so much that is monitored, controlled and measured.  It’s scary to even think about some of the things that are being trialled out.  Gathering student brainwave data is one example. Or the Government offering school pupil data to private companies is another.  And this doesn’t cover the day to day monitoring of children. Their attendance. Their grades. Their behaviour.

Carol Black then talks about the gaze. The gaze. I’ve always hated the gaze.  I don’t feel comfortable being watched or monitored. Carol puts it all into great words.

And then, even in the creative and forward thinking world and obsession with play based learning, we still seem to want to control it all. Sara at Happiness is Here blog feels like play based learning as used by many educators these days is not really play based learning.

And those are just a few examples off the top of my head.

The beauty of unschooling is being able to lose that control. At least bit by bit. It’s not easy. It needs review and questioning from all sides of life.  And sometimes you’ll get it wrong.

Sometimes you’ll wonder what the heck you are doing. And why.

Sometimes you will want to go back to the system that apparently has all the answers.

Sometimes you’ll get things wrong, sometimes you will get them right.

Sometimes you’ll let loose on the control, and you will see wonderful things happen.

Sometimes you’ll let loose on the control, and you will see not so wonderful things happen.

You will learn, grow and understand what will work best for you.

Then you’ll notice an upward positive trend when you focus on the things you feel are right.

Then you’ll notice the slight edge, that makes you and your family that bit more wholesome.

Then you’ll look back at your previous self. Of 1 year ago. Of 2 years ago.  Of 3 years ago. And you will see how much you and your family have grown as human beings.

Then in hindsight you will be shocked and horrified of all the things that society and the system are trying to control.

You will hug and love and be grateful for doing the unschooling things you are doing.

You will stick your finger up at all those that disagree.

You will not give a damn about the haters, or those that simply don’t understand.

You will sometimes still have doubts. And you will know that you won’t always have the answers.

You will understand how society tries to control so much of our lives.  And this is not necessarily the fault of individuals.

And perhaps then you will understand that control isn’t bad.  But control that is blindly and forcibly applied can be dangerous.

You will then look at your life and make ongoing decisions about what aspects of your life are worthy of controlling.

You will march on!