Of course, not physically flipping!  But she’s changed on us literally overnight.

Up until last week she was a complete night owl.  Not going to sleep properly until midnight, sometimes with a bit of luck it she would be asleep by 10pm.  The knock on effect is that she wouldn’t wake up until midday.  Which was amazing (for me) in many ways, but also awkward for organising stuff and taking other kids elsewhere…I just didn’t want to wake her up.

But now she’s asleep by 7pm and up at 6:30am.  Sleeping on her own until midnight-ish. It’s totally flipped us. I’m not looking forward to getting up earlier, I normally don’t get up before 7:30am, but I’m excited to have gotten my evenings back!

I may actually get a whole 2-3 hours for kid free / me time. Whoa! Exciting!

Today I started the evening with a run! Go me.