The sun is setting, it’s getting dark and a bit chilly. But the weather has been gorgeous today.  Life with weather like this makes everything feel so good. I’m sitting the the garden to get some quiet space and get something published. Writing always makes me feel better.

[As a little side note, whilst writing this, I realised I wasn’t sure how to spell whoa. There’s a little learning for you if you are interested!]

It’s easy to make things not seem like they are. We live in a world where we share so much.  And what we tend to share are the good bits. Or we over exaggerate how easy life is.  This should not be news to anyone, but if you scroll through someone’s Twitter or Instagram feed it is easy to feel like you are either doing something wrong, or that everyone is living an awesome life!

Overall life is pretty good for us.  It doesn’t mean it is easy.  But I’m often pinching and reminding myself how lucky we are.  I honestly feel lucky.

Unschooling is not an easy choice. We are constantly fighting for our ways.

Choosing to run a business is not an easy choice.  It is full of stresses, ups, downs and spinning arounds.

Choosing not to hire help, and to do most things ourselves, is not an easy choice.

But they sure feel like the right choice.

But at the same time, I’m like, whoa, life is busy.  I wish I could have a few minutes to breath. Yes, I know I have 5 kids. Yes, I can’t expect anything less.

But, yeah. whoa.

Today is a whoa day.

A day where I need to find a bit of personal headspace to breathe. Where I sneak a little power nap with my youngest, then once she is off to sleep proper I escape to the garden to have the bit of me time that I just haven’t had.