I’m so proud of Codie!

He has become quite physically fit recently and keen to do many things.  Currently he does JuiJitSu twice a week, football (socially) a couple times a week, gymnastics once a week, forest school once a week and swimming once a week.

We’ve also spotted a volleyball class that his eyes lit up at when I mentioned we may be able to fit it in.

Codie had gone running with me before I had Piper.  He had managed to run a mile and was really proud of that.  He had been nagging me a bit to go running with me again.  And as I was getting ready to go for a run with Piper he asked if he could come.

He looked up at me with such puppy dog eyes.  I just couldn’t say no.  He was chuffed! Whilst I was initially a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t get my ‘me’ time, I’m so glad we did it together.

And so, off we went. The rain had gone, the sun was coming down and it was just beautiful. Plus there weren’t many people around. I could see that Codie was running quite well and actually at my pace (I’m a bit of a slow runner!). So I decided, with his agreement, to try to run a #5k with him.  I normally run a #5k 2-3 times a week.

So we ran. We chatted a bit along the way. I educated him how sound travels as he was often in front of me and talking in a way I couldn’t hear him.  We spoke about pacing himself and listening to his body.  And when we were done we took some pictures to celebrate and spoke about The Saltdean Lido, the importance of it to our community and how it needs to raise money to survive.

We got many looks and smiles along the way too 😀

This is exactly the thing that makes unschooling what it is.  Some won’t say this is unschooling. But if Codie went to school he would not have had the opportunity to run with me.