Food is one of our hardest challenges.

Feeding a family of 7, every single day can be challenging.  It’s so, so, easy to go for the easy options.

Over the years we have made good efforts towards a low carb and high protein diet.  But it’s not quite been good enough.  And we cheat, or indulge all too often.

So are going full in with a Ketogenic style diet.

We’ve read and watched many things related to food, we don’t need convincing.  We need a kick up the back side.  Watching The Magic Pill has given us that.  I find some of the stories there amazing. We watched it on Netflix and then also got our two eldest (currently 13 & 14) to watch it as they will be, along with everyone else, be joining the journey with us.  Luckily, I think, our two eldest are generally onboard with the idea, even if there are specific foods that they dislike.  They love the meats.  Their morning cereals will be the hardest thing to break the habit of.

Codie (6) is an amazing eater.  He happily accepts most things.  More veg for him may be a challenge, so may need to get creative with that.

Eloise (3) will be our hardest convert.  She loves her carbs and chocolate.  But she also loves soups and sausages.

Piper will be the lucky one and only know this kind of food.

As for me and Graham.  Our biggest challenge will be the prepping of all the food and finding the ‘replacements’.

For me personally, my initial reasons is that I really want to lose weight.  My post Piper weight has just not shifted.  But I also believe in the healing aspects of a ketogenic style diet.

I have ideas though and I’ll keep you posted.