I know, I know.  I should be a pro at this by now.  But potty training is one of my least favourite things to do.  But now, at 3 yrs and 3 months Eloise is now potty trained. Yay. She took her time!

Her nursery pointed out she kept saying she was a little girl, like Piper. Not a big girl.  A common thing at that age, I suppose, when another little sibling appears in the family.  So we started emphasising the big girl things she was doing.  At that point whilst she had been to the toilet on her own, mostly it was adults reminding her.  But within a few days of calling her a ‘big girl’ she started taking herself.

All in, it just took a couple of days to make it happen.

And the rest is history!

Thank god, from my perspective.  Her nappies were getting harder and not so nice to deal with.  It now feels like such a relief to only have to deal with Piper’s nappies.