This has mostly been me in approaching growing my business.

From Seth Godin’s blog:

The trap of listening to feedback

“If I listened to feedback, I would have quit on the first day.”

You’re devoting your life to making something important. Something helpful. Something that matters. Mostly, something that hasn’t been done before, that’s going to bend the curve and make an impact.

If you begin and end with surveys and focus groups, all you’re going to do is what’s been done before.

We’re counting on you to trust yourself enough to speak your own version of our future. Yes, you’ll need the empathy to put yourself in our shoes, and the generosity to care enough to make it worth our time and trust. But no, don’t outsource the hard work of insight and creation to the rest of us.

That’s on you.

I think part of the beauty of running a business that is so intertwined with the community is that the needs of your ‘users’ can be easier to see.  I mean, how can you not understand your audience better if you are in there everyday, speaking to them, helping them grow, writing for and with them, meeting them, etc.

So, when I have an idea, I don’t feel like I need to do ‘market research’.  It doesn’t mean I’m right or things will go according to plan. But there are things I can see that intertwine with my vision that look for feedback from people will never give me.