I just finished reading The Unschooling Journey - A Field Guide by Pam Laricchia.  I’ve dipped in and out of Pams website and podcast over the years.  As a fairly experienced unschooler (5 years now) I wasn’t sure it would be useful to me, but I was curious! And as she says in the book, we are all learners, no matter what age we are.

For me the book was more positive reaffirmation about all the things we are doing.  But it was also an enjoyable and felt like a very easy to read book.  I did find The Hero’s Journey angle of it interesting.  Especially as I don’t really know or consider much about that myself as I never really read fiction books.

I got the print version and don’t think I could bring myself to write or colour in the some of the sections designed for this - it clashes with my system of taking notes on cards.  I will probably gift the book to a person new to unschooling at some point.