I always think I’ll be able to remember how it was.  But as I’m increasingly becoming aware, our memory fails us.

Right now I’m feeling blessed with the fact that Piper is so chilled out.  It’s almost midnight and she is still up, but she slept most of the day until 4pm-ish.  She was up for a couple of hours in between that.

Admittedly, it’s almost midnight and she is still up.  She is a bit of a night owl.  But she currently just chills out watching Baby Einstein, hangs out on her Jumperoo or just lies on the floor blethering away.

This is all kinda nice from my perspective.  I’m more aware of it after Eloise and the relatively hard time we had with her.  She wouldn’t sleep without me for the first year and hated (cried at) the sight of anyone that wasn’t her immediate family.