There’s a lot of concerns concerned around the privacy of Facebook which has made me look into options of how I share things.

Mostly I love to share things online.  When it comes to this space, I see it as my own personal space., that I openly share to the world. To share my journey.

Sure, I would love people to follow along and read, but really, I want it to be something that I look back on, to remember for myself  And perhaps longer term, for my kids to look back on, and remember and understand why we made the (crazy and stupid!) decisions we did.

Along side this is my deep regret of not writing more, and perhaps not sharing as much creative things as I would like.  I really want to get into the habit of writing on a very regular basis.  I find I’m happy and often find the time to post short updates to Facebook.  I should really invest that time doing it here.

In addition to this is that one of the biggest consistent things for me over the years has been me taking photos.  I joined Flickr in the early days and have photos there of my now teenage kids.  I am so glad I have these.  In addition, I have pictures on Instagram going back 6 years.  I love scrolling back through these to remember the times that once were.

So, this is really a mental note to myself and to anyone that is reading.  I’m looking into options on how to do this.  And how I feel I can record, save and publish various media in a place that I feel happy and confident in.  That place is not Facebook, or any social network, tbh.

I’m not quitting Facebook or other social networks, unfortunately it is too engrained into my life.  I have groups that I regularly keep in touch with there and would be too much of a loss for me to remove.

But I guess, from my perspective, this gives me an option to rethink how I publish and take some time to figure out how put more stuff on here.