With all the privacy stuff going around, I thought it would be a good time for me to start making more effort into investing into my own social network of Rosie.

Social network of Rosie means my websites.  If you ever need to reach out, you can be sure to find me here on rosiesherry.com (a bit more professional focused) or on MessyTimes, personal and family focused.  I also have unschool.me which I’ve neglected and wish to turn into a bit of a longer term research project.

I’m not quitting social media.  For now am still very much active on Twitter.  And I am on Testing Slacks (Testers.chat and MoT one) that are out there too. I’m mostly avoiding posting anything to Facebook, though my Instagram photos get fed into there.  I will be checking FB for messages and I kind of rely on some Facebook groups for things.

I’d like to find a better solution to my photos, both backing them up and also sharing selected ones.  I will get there in time.

I use to blog and write much more, since social media has had a direct impact on that, I would like to change the habit.

So, for now, I will be doing my best to resist my urges to post to social media and instead try to post what I would normally post on one of my ‘web properties’.