I thought I’d share the status of my daughters room and some of the thinking behind it.  It’s nothing special, I didn’t get extra or special lighting in to make the photos ‘Pinterest’ perfect.  It is what it is and it works for us atm 🙂

We moved our 3 year old daughter into her own room, she had been sharing with her older brother, but we felt it was time for a change and some independence. It is a small room, so I can’t fit a lot in it, nor do I want to.  It has been a great way to be picky about what can go in. So I’ve been selective on how I try to create a space for her that is simple and engaging.

I’ve long believe and kind of followed the Montessori way of doing things and have tried on many occasions to set up a Montessori space at home. I fail time and time again, mostly because I feel I just can’t keep our home space tidy.  Even as we try to minimise our possessions, I just can’t keep things as tidy as Montessori space.

I also realise that really, I don’t want to just follow the Montessori way.  I read and learn about many other things and approaches that are exciting too, so I try to blend many things together.

So, I’ve given up trying to be a perfect Montessori person and started focusing on what works for us.  It seems it has to be the Rosie way or the high way! 😀

My 3 Year Old Daughter’s Room

So this is what my daughters room looks like at the moment.

She has her clothes in drawers at her height, which we’ve labelled too.  These are Ikea Kallax shelves and drawers.  We have Kallax shelves of different sizes in each room of our house, with all the moving around of things and people in our house, it really is just the easiest and most versatile option for ‘all the things’.

Then we have a set of shelves mostly for things that are of interest to her.  These are mostly puzzles and some Montessori Sand Paper letters and a box of toy animals.  I will change stuff on these shelves over time to stop her getting bored.

We’ve put her toy kitchen there too, she loves it so much and gets so much use out of it.

We’ve put her doll house and a box of accessories there too, but really I think it is too much and I may move it out and find some space for it downstairs.  I’ve designated a couple of boxes downstairs for ‘all the Eloise’ things.  She loves her bags, babies and random bits of things.  Often getting attached to the craziest and silliest of things for days.

We currently often call her the old bag lady.  She loves to stuff her bags with stuff and bring them wherever she is going.  The mess she leaves is often annoying!

Then she has her bed which also has some stuffed toys at one end.

I like to hang out with her in the room and watch and join in with her playing. We spent 2 hours there just being together today.  I pay close attention to all the things she is doing, whilst also looking after her little sister.  My intention being to see if there is any way I can improve her room for her to make it as self engaging as possible. She makes great use of most of the things she has in there.

I still feel like she has too much stuff, and as always, it’s a never ending process of processing all the things.  I feel like we are getting there with minimalism, despite what my husband may grumble.

Today I managed to catch a timelapse of her working on a puzzle.  I love the puzzle.  It’s made of cheap wood and I don’t know if the typo on it is a genuine mistake or just them being ‘intelligent’, lol. But Eloise loves it.  The open ended-ness of it is great. She focuses for a good few minutes.  And she is always happy with the result.